On a Break

I'm still on a Jane Austen break.  A friend gave me a book she thought I'd like.  Son of the Morning by Linda Howard.  I'm not sure WHY she thought I'd enjoy it, it's not really something I normally read.  But she gave it such a good recommendation that I took it home.  I finished at 2 am.  I really hate my friend.
It was one of those junk food books.  I like junk food.
So, then I went to the library the next day and checked out three more Linda Howard books and read 2 of them in three days.
I'm not ashamed.  I don't judge others by what they read....much. 


Charley said...

I tried my hand at a Linda Howard book called Dream Man a while back, but it wasn't my style. I think it was while I was reading Cormac McCarthy's Blood Meridian, and I found that a bit too gruesome to read before bed, so I tried to go for something entertaining. I had better luck with Raymond Chandler and Patricia Highsmith.

Jinx said...

I know what you mean, Charley.
I picked up a couple of her books and ended up putting them down. Some of it is that airheaded chick lit stuff which is fine for some people but not my style.
(I probably just offended a ton of people with that comment! lol)

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